Our board worked collaboratively with staff members to develop a vision for Caja in 2023. 

Check out this emerging vision for our network: 

Grow Our Own Caja 

Caja can be an inspiration for growing food to share with our community through starting and maintaining community gardens and orchards, planting front yards and home gardens, sharing plants and adaptive seeds, gardening education, sharing skills, being a broker for people looking to share food. 

Distributed Caja 

Rather than working toward developing a centralized location, we envision lots of small Caja's throughout the community with coolbots or fridges to share food in a very localized way. 

Power in Numbers 

Caja has strong purchasing power so we can use that to influence and support local food systems through strong partnerships. We can also advocate for more edibles in public spaces. 

Cooking Caja 

We feel very inspired to get cooking through demonstrations, creating value-added foods from leftovers, and teaching cooking. We would love to develop a Caja food preparation book! 

Caja for Kids 

We want to focus on young children and youth in our programming. 

The Heart of Caja 

We want to be the people who listen, care, meet people where they are, and see those who aren’t used to being seen. 

Solidaria Beyond Food 

We see the need for sharing resources beyond food at Caja, and we're dreaming of a bike library, a tool library, low/no profit purchasing of tools, land/housing co-ops.