Mobile market

We stock up the mobile market with culturally relevant, mostly organic produce, meats and other healthy protein options, and whole grains to provide a Healthy Food Box service for the Healthy Opportunities Pilot.  This is our largest program

Who can participate?

We currently have services for people who qualify for the Healthy Opportunities Pilot.  You might qualify if someone in our household participates in Medicaid managed care, is living with a chronic health condition, and needs some help with food.  Call us at 828-290-9717 to learn more.

What's included?

We used evidence-based nutrition principles to design our program. First, we consider the general population's nutritional needs. We know that fewer than 1 in 10 people in our community consume enough fruits and vegetables to prevent costly and deadly chronic health conditions (Henderson County Community Assessment, 2021.) We focus all our boxes on fresh produce, selecting items that are culturally relevant to our participants. 

The Healthy Opportunities Pilot guidance for healthy food boxes says that a small food box should feed 1 to 2 people two meals per day. A large should support 2 to 4 people.  Caja Solidaria developed guidelines for healthy meals based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate. We created a fun video to describe our approach. 

Our goals are to fill a small box with good foods that provide at least:

Practically speaking, we invite every participant to take all the fruits and vegetables they want, 3 protein selections and 3 whole grain selections for a small box.  For large boxes, participants can add 3 additional protein selections and 3 additional whole grain selections.  

Example Large Box Contents for a Micronesian Family

How can I enroll a patient?

If you have a patient that would benefit from the program, you can have your care management team refer them to HOP, or call us and we can help find out if they qualify.  828-290-9717

What to expect?

We will contact you about delivery preferences.  We currently deliver as follows:

Tuesday: Arden, Fletcher, Edneyville

Wednesday: Balfour, Clear Creek

Thursday: Rosman, Brevard, Etowah, Horseshoe

Friday: Flat Rock, Dana

We also have a pick-up market in Laurel Park if you prefer to not have delivery.