in communities of care, we look out for one another

At Caja, most of our work is organized into initiatives.  Our primary initiative, Food is Medicine, offers healthful foods in our community.    Keep reading to learn more about our Food is Medicine work.  Or, you can jump over to Equitable Community Engagement.  These initiatives help us live into our aspirational goal of being a network of mutual aid hubs throughout the county.


Our Produce Buying Co-op and Healthy Opportunities Pilot participants can participate in the pick up market at our location in Hendersonville.  You can sign up for the co-op or learn more about how our Healthy Food Box Program works on on the mobile market page

Mobile Market

Our SUV mobile market, Cajasaurus,was affectionately named by Nani.  We stock culturally relevant, seasonal, mostly organic produce, meats, eggs, and whole grains.  We deliver these foods to Healthy Opportunities Pilot Participants.  Learn more.>>>

 Produce Prescriptions

We support produce prescriptions from health care providers and through the Healthy Opportunities Pilot.  Learn more about how to participate or refer someone to the program.>>>

Mutual Aid Fund

We support the basic needs of people in our network through mutual aid funds.  Learn more about what the mutual aid fund supports.>>>

Equitable Community  Engagement

We are grounded in our community.  Learn more about all the ways Caja Solidaria works to live up to our name --a container or space for solidarity.