By sharing food, we create networks of care to ensure that everyone has access to the abundance the Southern Appalachians offer.

The Solidarity Food Box

Get involved today by signing up for our food co-op.  We offer affordable wholesale pricing and solidarity pricing options if you want to support our mission. >>>

Rooted in abundance

We focus on sharing abundance rather than worrying about scarcity.  Learn more about us. >>>  

Everyone has a role

We want to purchase foods from local growers and vendors, especially our BIPOC neighbors.

If you want to help us build mutual aid networks to take care of one another, we need your help.

Have an idea for how we can support the community, we need dreamers, too.

Get involved >>>

Speaking our truth

We see the generosity, thoughtfulness, and ingenuity of people called "vulnerable".    Read some of our reflections and  stories about our work in the media.  >>>