My phone buzzed this morning, the caller ID telling me it was sweet granny Z.  She said, "Hello.  I about forgot why I called you.  How are you?"

I promised that I was doing good and wondered how she was doing.  Isn't that a funny phrase-how are you doing? Not being? Not feeling?  I am doing good Ms. Z, how are you doing?  I might have slipped into Southern Appalachian and said a-doin' good. 

She said, "I remembered little M caught me out throwing away the egg cartons yesterday. He said they told him at school you could save those.  Do you need me to save them for you?"

Yes, please do.  That would be great.

"Alright.  I will save them and when I see you tomorrow I hope it's not raining.  That school did teach him something after all."

I laughed.  "Yes. That's a great lesson," I agreed, wondering why she hoped it wasn't raining.  Did she still have that cough?

"I hope it's not a-rainin' when you come 'cause I got to show you something. "

"Oh, what's that?"

"You know over at that school what they did.  They gave every child there a bike.  Ever one of em.  I got some pictures of that boys face.  You ain't never seen such a happy child."

Wow!  A bike! 

"Some children don't get any Christmas at all but that school gave every child a bike."

She fell silent.  I was silent too, thinking of all the other families I will see this week that might not have gotten schooled in the art of giving back and receiving.

"Well. I hope it's not raining tomorrow."

I hope so too Granny Z.  I want to see that picture you painted for me today.

"Oh. I been taking a spoonful of that honey you brought me for the cough.  It did help."

You know what I get schooled in everyday?  Bringing veggies to Granny Z is good for my soul.  Lord only knows how sweet it is for her to tell me a little of all she has forgot.