These days, a few folks have started telling me they love me.  It feels a little too intimate for the veggie delivery driver.  On the other hand, isn't love the point of all this?  Isn't sharing food love? The truth is that I love them, too.  I just never felt safe enough to say it in words.

Sometimes people tell me I'm an angel and I definitely back away from that. That feels like a fall from the grace of love into an overpromise.  I reframe--nope, just a neighbor acting like neighbors do.  Nothing supernatural going on here.

Although that truck market is a little magical, I'll admit.

My favorite days are not the ones when people cry in relief by the truck, but the ones when people previously weakened by illness or worn down by life come bounding out the door with, "I have good news!"  They fill me in on all the hope they feel because their sister moved to town or they are getting a home or...or...or...

Hope and love.  What gifts in exchange for oranges and nuts.