Healthy Home Goods

Who can use the Healthy Home Goods catalog?

Through the Healthy Opportunities Pilot, Caja Solidaria is able to put the power of collective purchasing to work for our members living with chronic health conditions.  With a prescription for healthy home goods, members can select from this catalog of home goods designed to reduce environmental triggers in the home.  Your prescription will come with a budget, an expiration date, and sometimes recommendations from your care coordinator.  Caja staff will provide you with all that information.

Our staff currently cannot support members who want to purchase these items directly, but we are always willing to help you learn to develop a small buying club and use our platform to collectively purchase healthy cleaning supplies.

Have questions?  Send Larissa an email at  

How do we choose items to include in this catalog?

We have reviewed the science on indoor air quality, health, and different certifications available for products that seek to reduce environmental triggers in the home.  The American Lung Association groups the sources of indoor air pollution as coming from

Reducing exposure to environmental triggers means replacing furnishings and rugs that have formaldehyde as flame retardants, glues and paints with volatile organic compounds, cleaning supplies to natural alternatives, removing moldy, dusty, or infested items from the home.

Other prescription services such as home remediation can help with removing mold from the home and replacing unsafe appliances.

After reviewing the different certification programs, we developed our catalog based on the following principles: